Friday, December 08, 2006

One Knowledge, One Work

The name of my blog is “One Knowledge, One Work”. I dream one day we will be able to ensure a job or a mean of earning for every single Bangladeshi, may be via micro credit loan, ICT or by any other means. Thus, if necessary we wish to inject necessary knowledge to every single person.

Bangladesh is known as an agrarian country. However, imbalance between population growth and land resources left significant number of people jobless, especially in the rural area. Thus, Bangladesh should go for industrial development. Then again, right now Bangladesh’s economy is not strong enough to invest heavily on big industry. Thus, the only choice left is to go for small industry or knowledge base industry. Despite various criticisms we are marching forward with this notion, slowly but surely!

I believe together we will be able to make it a golden Bangladesh. Thus my earnest request, let use our knowledge for the well being of our beloved country Bangladesh.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jubaer,

I appreciate your great effort towards VOIP research. Obviously for today's world VOIP is a great innovation. I learned about VOIP couple of years back. Today I am using it. Voice quality has improved significantly. Truly speaking sometimes it is hard to differentiate between traditional telephone call and VOIP. However, as you said, Bangladesh can utilise this new technology in a fruitful manner which in turns might give a big economical boost to the country. Lots of Bangladeshi in recent years have migrated due to various unstable political and social reason. Still we love our country. We need some good changes. Dr. Yonus has shown us what we can do with little money. May we pray to Almighty for the better future of Bangladesh. God bless you and youe effort.

Best regards,


Vancouver, Canada

Anonymous said...

hi jubaer,
highly appreciate your effort but when we thought/talked for our country mind s gone in deep dark of depression for our 'alibaba & uncultured minded political leaders' and their activities. What will be in this country...

any way, carry on i wish you best.


Anonymous said...

we need another liberation effort- an intellectual revolution. May God help all of us in this endeavour!