Saturday, July 14, 2007

SOVoIP's Feasibility

Feasibility study of SOVoIP ascertains the likelihood of its success. Current technological advancement and available standalone voice solutions have rendered the current systems trivial. Expanding businesses with extra workload confronting customers complains about the speed and quality of work businesses provide. In addition to that competitors are always looking for opportunities to grab big market share. Recent Yahoo and MSN merge is such a consequence. On the contrary SOVoIP brings all the platforms, protocols and devices into a single stage. SOVoIP’s feasibility attribute can be seen as:

· Unified model such as SOVoIP brings speed and efficiency in the business process. As people from different levels of management can access the system from anywhere, with whatever communication medium they have. That influences the customer satisfaction and ensures economical feasibility of the infrastructure.

· Unlike SIP or any other VoIP architecture SOVoIP does not require any network configuration in the client end. Only the providers need to maintain the network. Moreover its firewall friendly behavior brings simplicity to the system. Furthermore, HTTP is the most adopted protocol on the Internet. Thus universality of SOAP combined with HTTP, not only ensures interoperability between protocols but also make these protocols more open to the Internet. In addition to that QoS and security measurement ensure technical feasibility of the architecture. Finally, SOVoIP is an application layer solution. Thus adoption to future IPV6 network will not cause any problem.

· SOVoIP’s feasibility attribute, time, is perfect. SOA is maturing day by day. On the other hand SOVoIP does not require any especial hardware or software. Thus its time-to-market is predicted to beat the competition.

· Low client resource consumption and ability to cope up with changes in the architecture without client upgrade pledge extendibility and scalability. Thus organizational feasibility ensured.

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