Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Australia topped the list of the World’s Most Positive Countries 2011

Australia is the most positive country in the world! Daily Positive (D+), a non-profit wiki-based project, has revealed today the list of World’s Most Positive Countries in 2011. The homeland of Kangaroos and Wallabies has topped the list, with the United States of America and England securing the second and third positions respectively.

The list of world’s 10 most positive countries 2011 is the first of its kind to recognize the positive achievements, initiatives and actions accomplished by each country of the world. Each country was assigned a score and ranked based on a number of factors, including ratings from external experts panel, global D+ volunteers/journalists,  D+ social media fan, and weighted rating based on the most number of positive entries and visitors to each country page on D+.

Top 10 World’s Most Positive Countries 2011 along with respective ranking points are as follows:
 Country Name                         Total Score
Australia                                           4053
United States of America               2463
England                                            2389
China                                                1515
Germany                                          1173
Japan                                                1141
France                                              1001
Canada                                              965
New Zealand                                    864
India                                                  852

Australia clinched the title of the world’s most positive country in the global poll of over two thousand participants from all over the world.  Approximately 25% of the voters quoted Australia as the top most positive country. In the global poll Australia was highly praised as one of the rare developed nation which avoided the recent global financial recession with minimal concern.

Apart from that Australian page on D+ was the most visited page in 2011. Also Australian, Japanese and the Americans were the top three nations who visited D+ the most in search of positivity.
The United States of America ranked 2nd in the global poll, however, the United States page on D+ had the most positive news entries than others.

England, France and Germany were seen as of the new global leaders, overtaking the United States in the face of the recent Arab uprising and European financial crisis.

Japan, China and India made it to the list for their respective positive achievements and actions. Japan was recognized for overcoming one of the worst nuclear fall-outs in history and still remained dignified, China made it - even being in the midst of all kinds of negative news related to human rights - because Chinese has shown the positive hardworking spirit to the world community and India was recognized for overcoming the stigma of being one of the poorest nations.

Finally, Canada and New Zealand were recognized as silent achievers.  

Apart from the winners there are many notable points that came out of the world’s most positive countries 2011 initiative, such as, Libyan revolution was considered as positive amidst concern about the future, Brazil’s determination to come out of the shell of third world countries was considered commendable and Zambia was hailed for undertaking successful election to ensure the smooth transition of power from the incumbent to a candidate from opposition camp.

For more information on the World’s Most Positive Countries 2011 initiative visit http://www.dailypositive.org/Most_Positive_Countries

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