Sunday, April 08, 2012

Daily Positive (D+) Carnival 2012 Came To An Enthusiastic End

The inaugural D+ Carnival Africa 2012 ended with passion, care and love. The month long carnival not only showcased Africa to the global audiences but also brought small groups in the remote parts of the world together. People got together and shared lunch, had coffee, attended presentations and in general talked about the positives of Africa.
D+ thanks everyone for taking part and making the D+ Carnival Africa 2012 a huge success. D+ was blown away with love and care. It inspired D+ to improve and continue to discover and share the positives and help bring the best out of everyone.
Here is the first glimpse of some pictures (a BBQ and a Tea Session) of D+ volunteers, supporters and well-wishers from around the globe who celebrated the D+ Carnival Africa 2012 in their own way.
 D+ thanks again all the participants for their care and love. For more visit

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