Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The United States of America Crowned the World’s Most Positive Country for 2012

Daily Positive (D+), an exclusive online media for positive news, is pleased to announce the top 10 winners of the World’s Most Positive Countriesfor 2012. In the second year of the award series, the United States of America took the top position from last year’s winner Australia.

The World’s Most Positive Countries initiative recognizes the positive achievements, initiatives and actions accomplished by each country of the world.  Based on the accomplishments, D+ publishes an annual list of 10 most positive countries. The top 10 World’s Most Positive Countries 2012 along with respective ranking points are as follows: 
  1. United States of America (905)
  2. Australia (831)
  3. England (778)
  4. China (734)
  5. Japan (648)
  6. Germany (602)
  7. Canada (593)
  8. France (575)
  9. India   (541)
  10. Sweden (520)

The points were calculated based on a global expert panel rating, D+ journalists-volunteers rating, a global social media survey, and the number of positive news entries in 2012 in the D+ website. This multifaceted positive news publications, analysis and global survey feedback of 2012 generated some great reviews for the winners. The USA maintained strong sense of innovation throughout the year, such as the Nobel Prize wins to Mars Rover of NASA. It has shown some positive signs of economic recovery. The presidential election campaigns attracted positive attitude towards the USA, which also demonstrated the great and stable political system of the USA amid fierce contest between the President and his opponent.

Australia, despite the apparent political backlog, continued to maintain a strong economy compared to the other developed countries in 2012. The country was also praised for its contribution in medical science, efficient natural disaster management and for introducing tax on carbon emitters. It is the first country in the world to do this.
England has been in the news for positive reasons, thanks to the 2012 Olympic Games and Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Insights for Scotland's independence also improved the English image in general. China found its position in the top 10, being considered as a major driving force in the world economy, despite its economy showing signs of slowing down.
Japan was hailed for their continuous progress in science, infrastructure and research despite the burden of natural disasters. Apart from these facts Japan was also praised for contribution in socio-economic development and humanitarian work.
Germany and France are leading the current European Union crisis and to some extent considered as positive due to their impact on the world economy. Canada's involvements in global leadership issues were seen as somewhat limited. Nevertheless, its people kept maintaining better lifestyle. Canada was also acknowledged for political stability and humanitarian work.
India's successful fight against polio stood out. Apart from that India has been creating positive image with their consistent economic growth despite alleged widespread corruptions. Sweden's winning of the Eurovision song contest title, as well as success in medical science and information technology helped the country to get into the list. People have shown great satisfaction in their lifestyle in Sweden.
Apart from the top 10 winners, there was also positive news elsewhere. Burma had a year of positive political changes and reforms. Despite Russia's negative media coverage it established itself as frontrunner of the space programs, which also includes collaborative programs with the old rival America. Brazil not only kept showing leadership in the Latin American region, but also led with environmental initiatives to create examples for the rest of the world.
Upon announcing the top 10 winners of the World’s Most Positive Countries for 2012, Dr. Arif Jubaer, founder of D+, stated “I feel that D+ is making a positive impact on people by reporting positive news. The initiative of World’s Most Positive Countries will encourage individuals and countries to take more positive actions for a positive future.”
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