Friday, February 20, 2015


#StopBurningMyChild is a peaceful movement designed by Daily Positive (D+), a non-profit news media from Australia to publish positive news on each country of the world.

Its aim is to engage global citizens, in particular Bangladeshi citizens in home and abroad, in a platform to raise a collective voice against political violence. It started its journey in February 2015 after observing month long political hostility in Bangladesh where children, women and men were burned alive in bus, train and in broad day light.

#StopBurningMyChild strongly condemns these cowardly acts and stands strong and united to stop the perpetrators who hurled petrol bombs on innocent people.

This movement is also about helping the burn victims and law enforcement authorities with their medical, financial, social security, access to information and other needs.

In the long run, #StopBurningMyChild wants to change the violent political culture that stops Bangladesh going up the ladder of prosperity in supersonic speed.  This movement is not associated in any shape or form to any political party in Bangladesh. Thus, we request everyone to refrain from expressing your personal political view in this page.

We are here to talk about
  • Hope Over Fear
  • Peace Over Violence
  • Order Over Terrorism
  • Harmony Over Conflict
  • Positive Over Negative
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