Friday, March 01, 2013

It’s Time For The 2013 South-East Asia Global Carnival

The DailyPositive (D+) global carnival to celebrate the South-East Asian cultures is here during the month of March 2013. The aim of the carnival 2013 is to indulge, celebrate and convey happiness and pleasure from the continent of South-East Asia.

Daily Positive (D+), a web-based non-profit news media from Melbourne, Australia which exclusively publishes positive news on each country of the world, is organizing the carnival. The annual D+ carnival intends to promote and share focused positive news and stories from a specific location in the world and this year the carnival aimed to embrace the South-East Asian flavor.

D+ conducting Presentations, Social media promotions, Focused news collection workshops, Student volunteering works and Social gatherings around the globe as part of the carnival. Apart from that thousands of D+ readers, academics, researchers, students, fans and volunteers around the world are celebrating the month with various events.

Everyone can help spread the celebrations by organizing small gatherings in their local areas, at homes, on the web and also by sharing some attractive pictures and videos from South-East Asia. In order to encourage the local events D+ is sending e-Resources to the organizers. Everyone can share their event news, pictures and videos with D+ at

The annual D+ carnival creates an occasion for everyone to celebrate a randomly chosen culture in each corner of the world.  It intends to bring real harmony among global citizens and hopes it will give back a sense of opportunity, friendship and positive cross cultural learning throughout the global community.
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