Friday, April 12, 2013

Color Shined at the Daily Positive (D+) South-East Asia Carnival 2013

The month of March 2013 was full of South-East Asian celebrations around the world as part of the D+ Carnival. People from North-America to South-East Asia participated in the carnival and shared their joys and delights in South-East Asian style.
The carnival gave everyone an opportunity to get-together and shares the warmth. This year  D+ volunteers organized various events in Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Ethiopia, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Serbia, the United States and others.
This is the second time D+ organized such carnival after the inaugural African carnival in 2012. D+ experienced greater number of supports and encouragements this year. It made the D+ team more determined to bring the best of the world to the readers.
On behalf of D+, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for participating at the South-East Asia Global Carnival 2013. We are delighted to share some pictures of different events organized by D+ volunteers and well-wishers.


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