Saturday, September 28, 2013

It’s time to recognize the World’s Most Positive Countries

It is that time of the year again to collectively recognize all the heroes of the world for their positive accomplishments. Welcome to the Daily Positive (D+) World’s Most Positive Countries 2013 (WMPC'13)! WMPC is in its third year and this year it is back with more enthusiasm and excitement.

The annual event to reveal the top 10 World’s Most Positive Countries recognizes the countries with the most positive initiatives and actions. D+, a non-profit media initiative from Melbourne, Australia that publishes and accumulates positive news from all the countries of the world, introduces this list of countries. D+ introduces the list based on positive events, such as, business developments, peace projects, sports achievements and scientific innovations accomplished during the current calendar year inside the countries and in the global stage.

The United States of America and Australia topped the list of the most positive countries in 2012 and 2011 respectively.

The aim of the WMPC'13 is to recognize the countries with most positive initiatives and actions in 2013. WMPC'13 is officially included in the City of Melbourne's event calendar as a part of Melbourne's effort to become the Knowledge City of the World.

The list is generated based on a pre-defined Positivity Index. The Positivity Index quantifies positive achievements, initiatives and actions accomplished by each country of the world. According to the index, each country is assigned a score based on the followings:

1.       External expert panel rating. These panel members do not work for D+ in any form and are selected based on their individual expertise from around the world. Each panel member will select ten countries. The top most country in each list will score 10 points and the last country in each list will score 1 point. Apart from that these panel lists will also work as benchmark to ensure that our social media fan rating is not biased.

2.       Internal D+ volunteer-journalist panel rating. Like the external panel this panel members will also select ten countries individually. The top most country in each list will score 10 points and the last country in each list will score 1 point.

3.       D+ social media fan rating. Each vote will carry 1 point. Anyone can vote with a valid email address. In case of multiple votes from same email address only the first vote will be retained.

4.       The Country pages on D+ with most number of positive news from 2013 will score higher points. Each published news that took place in 2013 will carry 10 points.

Each country will score a total from each of the above categories which will then be added together to compute the final results. The country with the highest total points is considered the most positive country. Ten countries in all will be ranked - the most to the tenth most positive countries.

The list will be revealed on 1 November 2013 and the award ceremony will be held on 25 November 2013 at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Everyone can participate in the WMPC'13 initiative and vote for their positive-country. For more information on the World’s Most Positive Countries 2013 initiative visit

Also, regular updates can be found on D+ Facebook page at

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